Welcome to URHealingConnection, the practice of health done naturally. We work with our clients to obtain the best health using all natural means; our nutrition, food and movement. Our practitioner is an herbalist and specializes in Nutritional Live Blood Analysis. Using these and other tools, she will assess your current body’s state, address your health concerns, and develop a step by step plan of action specific to you and your lifestyle.

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Live Blood Analysis~Treat yourself to some insight on your health.

~What is your body craving most: food/vitamins, etc ~What symptoms has it been calling to your attention/hair loss/ dry skin/brittle nails/hot flashes ~Have you plateaued with your health and vitality/cannot lose weight or gain weight ~Are you experiencing low energy/wake up fatigued/ low energy through most of day ~Are you ready for the next step toward better health/ need some guidance on what to do next ~Do you want to sleep more soundly/be more clear headed when awake ~Have you been experiencing tummy discomfort/ gas/bloating/heartburn ~Is your liver, colon& kidneys healthy/ are you sensitive to smell/move your bowels daily ~How are your cholesterol levels/ has your blood work been concerning ~Do you have concerns about sugar or fat plaque/ family history of blood clotting ~Do you experience swelling/ inflammation often…. 


These are just some of the details we have the potential to see when we take a single drop of blood from your finger. 

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